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Digital conversion doubles your product line…and increases profits.

Do you want to convert your print product line into an interactive digital format?. Have you been intimidated by the process and the cost? MySatori has a cost-effective solution that is quick, easy, and requires no technical expertise on your part.

MySatori’s turnkey content conversion services help K-12 publishers leverage all of their existing and new print titles into a full line of digital products. Our proprietary process quickly converts any print title into an interactive digital title that students can access directly using a computer or tablet.

“MySatori provides a smooth path for any company seeking to deliver its educational content in a 21st-century technology platform.”
– Jan Garber
President and Owner at Gourmet Learning


Our services include converting print titles to interactive eLearning titles, providing hosting and technical support, and maintaining an ever-evolving LMS platform.


As your eLearning support team, MySatori manages the technology so that you can focus on other priorities. We provide your customers with expert technical support to facilitate a great experience with MySatori.


Prepare students for STAAR® with MySatori’s web-based STAAR Practice Program.

Meet your customers’ demand for affordable blended learning tools—without sacrificing your profit margin. Contact us today for a demonstration, a quote, or to learn more about our services! Learn more

Benefits to your customers:

Timesaving for teachers: MySatori offers a wide variety of question types that can be graded by the system, leaving more time for teaching.
Immediate feedback: When the system grades items, students receive immediate feedback on answered questions. Teachers quickly see those results in reports.
Ease of use: MySatori can address any technical support issues schools may have.
Academic success: Digital interactivity brings print content to life for 21st-century learners.