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Turnkey Solutions for Publishers

MySatori provides a full suite of services ranging from initial conversion services to ongoing hosting, customer support, and technical support. We can help you with whatever you need to meet your customers’ needs.

Content Conversion: Our unique approach delivers digital titles quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.


What happens to the content when digitally converting the print files?

MySatori digitally converts print files through a proprietary process that allows publishers to enjoy additional copyright protection for their content and brand. Digital titles retain much of the look and feel of the print product.

Does the interactivity component look the same across each title?

Customized conversion means we can match the type of interactivity that each question or problem requires (multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, etc.).

How much work will it require for the publisher?

MySatori’s process requires almost no editorial work from the publisher so that they can go to market quickly.

We also offer an optional private label of MySatori for interested publishers.

“MySatori has been an excellent partner in my firm’s efforts to adapt our print content to online delivery methods. Chad has worked with us throughout the process, and his company’s software and processes have proven to be an effective and efficient solution. I would recommend MySatori to any publisher looking for an affordable means to transfer content assets to new platforms.” – Ralph Kantrowitz, Executive Vice-President, Queue, Inc.

Do What You Do Best. Leave the Rest to MySatori!

The digital experts at MySatori focus their expertise on everything related to hosting, servers, code updates, changing browser versions, and technical support so that K-12 publishers can continue creating great content.

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