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Support: We are a publisher’s digital support dream team!


MySatori provides the ongoing support publishers need, including:

— hosting of the new subscription-based titles
— technical support and customer support
— ongoing updates to keep the MySatori platform and publishers’ titles compatible with the latest browsers and tablets
— demonstration sites and tools to aid the sales process

As your eLearning support team, MySatori manages the technology so that you can focus on other priorities. We provide your customers with expert technical support to facilitate a great experience with MySatori.

Brand Consistency: The digital title retains the look and feel of your original print product, with the addition of the interactivity your customers need. Your unique formatting and fonts remain virtually unchanged.

Speed and Accuracy: MySatori’s proprietary tools allow us to quickly convert the master PDFs of your print files into a non-PDF, interactive format that works on the MySatori platform.

Advanced Technology: The end result with MySatori goes far beyond PDF-based eBooks. Instead, we offer a total Learning Management System. Our conversion process modularizes your content into interactive, manageable pieces so that students work through one question per screen.